Wednesday, June 22, 2016

S/S Marie Robertson Featured at JCSM After Hours (6/23/2016)

I am conspicuously lax about doing posts about events that I'm involved promoting and even performing. Feel free to analyze this in the comments, and my apologies to anyone else involved who thinks my efforts here would have possibly gotten more ears and eyeballs pointed toward our projects.


Marie Robertson
Marie Robertson does lots of things. One is that she writes songs. Another is that she sings those songs and other songs while playing the piano. She'll be performing for the newly dubbed JCSM After Hours this Thursday (6/23/2016). Here's an event page on the museum's website. Learn more about Marie at this post on the museum's blog.

The museum's weekly 5-8pm offering has been, for the last couple years, featuring mainly jazz, and mainly the music of Cullars Improvisational Rotation, a trio I'm in that serves as kind of an extension to the ambient, folk-inspired jazz concept of guitarist Dan Mackowski (more at We, or kind of an alternate version of the group without two of its three members, will open for Marie on Thursday. Guitarist Taylor Pierce and bassist Ben Young will join me.

Lately, we've been mixing up the kinds of music presented at After Hours. Last week we hosted a live-music milonga (tango night) with Tango Orchestra Club Atlanta and the Auburn Argentine Tango Group. In the upcoming weeks, we'll have other jazz groups, a kind of classical music jam session we'll call a musicale, Indian music, Iranian music maybe, and who knows what else. As the museum's site says...
"Hear original songs, jazz, classical, cultural, and sometimes adventurous music fill the pristine spaces at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University."
The museum's Facebook page is a good place to keep up with what's happening Thursday nights. We're trying to make it a place to hang out after work, have a drink or two and a bite to eat, watch the sunset, and hear good music.

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