Friday, February 5, 2016

New Orleans Improvisors To Visit Auburn and Columbus, 2/11 and 2/12/2016

Photo credit goes to Ujan
Mukhopadhyay (left 3) and Zack
 (right 2). Poster design by
Brennen Reece.
My last post, "Improvised Post about Improvised Music Events, 2/11-2/12/2016," gave you all the facts about the upcoming improvised music events in Auburn and Columbus, but I'll organize them here. My next post, "Interview: New Orleans Improvising Trombonist Jeff Albert," includes an interview of one of the New Orleans players involved in these events. You'll come out because you like improvised music, you like free or adventurous jazz*, or you want to (or are willing to) witness me and some other Auburn players taking some risks. We could use your support.

February 11, 2016
noon-1:00 pm CT // A Little Lunch Music // Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art // trombonist Jeff Albert with drummer Dave Capello // free concert // event page // Jeff's website // Jeff & Dave's CD

5-8 pm CT // Jazz! Food! Art! // Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art // Jeff Albert and Dave Capello with Cullars Improvisational Rotation // no cover // event page // Cullars's Soundcloud page

February 12, 2016
7-9 pm ET // Jazz at the Loft // The Loft (Columbus, GA) // Jeff Albert and Dave Capello with Cullars Improvisational Rotation // no cover // event page on The Loft's website not yet live as of this post

The Visiting New Orleans Improvisors

Jeff Albert
Photo by Zack Smith.
Jeff Albert is a musician, music technologist, and educator. He was named a Rising Star Trombonist in the Downbeat Critics Polls each year from 2011-2015, and performs regularly in the New Orleans area, and throughout the US and Europe. In 2013, the Paris-based record label Rogue Art released his CD, The Tree on the Mound, which features Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, and Joshua Abrams.

In addition to leading the Jeff Albert Quartet, Jeff is a member of Hamid Drake’s Bindu-Reggaeology band, and co-led the Lucky 7s with fellow trombonist Jeb Bishop. Jeff has performed with many great improvisers, including Georg Graewe, Tobias Delius, Dave Rempis, Jeff Parker, and many others. He has been a member of the bands of New Orleans greats George Porter and Wardell Querzergue, backed artists like Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Raitt, and performed with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and the New Orleans Opera.

He is an Assistant Professor of Music Industry Technology at Loyola University New Orleans, and in May of 2013, he became the first graduate of the PhD program in Experimental Music and Digital Media at Louisiana State University. Jeff’s areas of research include the intersections of improvisation and technology, performance paradigms for live computer music, and audio pedagogy. Jeff is the founder and chief instigator of the Open Ears Music Series, and writes the blog Scratch My Brain.

Dave Capello
Photo by Zack Smith.
Dave Cappello moved to New Orleans from New York in the early 1990s, and has been an integral part of the creative music scene ever since, working with some of the city’s most adventurous musicians, including Jonathan Freilich, Rob Cambre, Jimbo Walsh and Helen Gillet.

Before coming to New Orleans, Dave was a member of the Bern Nix Trio with William Parker, and worked with some of the greats in the New York scene, like Steven Bernstein and Steve Swell. Dave is also an active writer, with a new book forthcoming from the University of Louisiana Lafayette Press.

*I shy away from calling modern improvised music free jazz, but it comes from that lineage, and most of these guys have a jazz background that will no doubt make itself known during the shows.

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