Thursday, February 4, 2016

Improvised Post about Improvised Music Events, 2/11-2/12/2016

I'm posting this post stream of consciousness. To make a point. That we will be performing improvised music on February 11th and 12 and Auburn Alabama and Columbus Georgia. When I say we I mean the group that I am in cullars improvisational rotation. Return can I return? Know. As I speak into my phone this post, I see I don't know a command for carriage return on the screen. But it's not only the group that I'm in cullars improvisational rotation, it is also to improvising musicians from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their names? Jeff Albert and Dave Capello. On February 11th we will play with them on not on but at the jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art from 5 to 8. Now, I don't know if that will be 3 hours of improvised music, but there will be improvised music, and there will be the sounds of our trio mama and combined and this will be combined with the sounds of Jeff and Dave. Then, on February 12th we will be at the loft in Columbus Georgia. That show will be 7 to 9 p.m. Eastern Time. The Auburn show will, of course, be Central Time. But wait there's more. Even before the first collaborative show that I mentioned kama Jeff and Dave will be performing as a duo for a little lunch music at the museum on Thursday February 11th from noon to 1 o'clock p.m. That is again central time, and the concert is free. They will perform in the auditorium. The two of them have made a new album of strictly improvised music on the breakfast4dinner label. And they have also just released another album with a bassist, whose name I don't remember right now standing in a playground outside my child elementary school making this post.  I have played with Jeff, though it has been a very long time. We were in college at Loyola University studying together. We played mostly jazz, and rock and roll gigs around town. Jeff has gone on to do great things in the improvised music world, & I mean worldwide players like, Hamid Drake and many others. My group, colors spelled wrong there but should be spelled cullars improvisational rotation has improvisational tendencies and will occasionally improvise outside of normal jazz improvisational solos, but this will be new for us and we are looking forward to the experience and how it might affect the way that we continue to make music together. I want include any links or anything in this post just to keep it relatively pure, though I did have to make an edit or earlier just for accuracy sake. The next post in on this blog will be a link or an embedded video of me interviewing Jeff about improvise music and about his visit. I will also put more information in there these are the links to good information about to these people are White are coming up here and what we'll be doing. Did you happen to be white but the word White popped up there in my voice recognition interface, and is not relevant to the events discussed here.

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