Friday, January 8, 2016

All Job and no Expression Makes Patrick Something Something

I have never been one to be able to create for the sake of creation. My music has always been driven by external circumstances. Sometimes, I've been hired to write music or make music, and that's impetus. Other times, I've had an opportunity to make music with other people. And whether money is involved or not, this has been enough motivation to do it to a reasonable degree of success. When I say "to do it," I mean to prepare myself and my abilities on the instrument to perform the music or to write the music itself, to organize rehearsals, and to browbeat other musicians to involve themselves with me for little or no money.

I have a job. The forms call it homemaker. More trendy, and more accurate to my wife's domestic management style, is the technical moniker of stay-at-home dad. We're in transition now that all three boys are in full-time school. We're catching up on things. Soon, our lives will need to change, as there's not really much justifiable need for a full-time homemaker, especially one as distracted from domestic tasks as me. How and where and I guess whether I will become employed will be the question.

The internet offers an opportunity for someone externally motivated like me. The relatively simple act of laying myself out here like this for the public to see, no matter ultimately how few of the public's members will ever read this, encourages me to make some forward motion, some artistic progress. Maybe the pork ribs Susan made on New Year's Day—they were amazing—have inspired this. The trick will be to work quickly, uncompulsively, and fearlessly. This will not only apply to expression, but also, and probably more so, to my job, whatever it may become, as I hew out an expressive persona that will balance with the needs of my family.

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