Saturday, April 18, 2015

Music for Piano and Organ at Tuskegee's University Chapel (4/19/2015)

Pianist Barbara Acker-Mills will perform a joint
recital with organist Wayne Barr on April 19, 2015.
Photo by Lesley Foote.

Pianist Barbara Acker-Mills and organist Wayne Barr will present a recital in Tuskegee on Sunday, April 19 at 4:00 pm in the University Chapel. In addition to solo works for both instruments, the two will team up for a serious organ/piano duo by Clifford Demarest (one of the first serious pieces for the two instruments together) and a not-so-serious duet by PDQ Bach.

Dr. Barr heads the choral program at Tuskegee. His full bio is on this Tuskegee University page but does not include him playing with the 105 Voices of History choir at the Kennedy Center in 2008 and 2009.

I've played with Barbara quite a bit at the museum and elsewhere with the now-hibernating Woodfield Trio, and she's done a few solo performances at the museum. She manages a private piano studio ( in Auburn and teaches psychology at Tuskegee. She actually serves as organist at Holy Trinity Episcopal church in Auburn, but will leave the organ playing to Dr. Barr for this recital.

Tuskegee U. doesn't list an event page, but here's the chapel page which doesn't list an address, but it's right in the middle of campus. If it helps, I've pinned it on Google Maps at this link:

[UPDATE 4/19/2015 - There is, in fact, an event page of sorts on TU's website: For first time in five years, faculty to perform recital.]

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