Saturday, March 7, 2015

the opening

Can't lay down because I can't breathe
I missed it
Tasting the first goal of the night
advancing to tomorrow morning
Nasty Bomb!!!!! come to life
You have one year of pissing everyone off
the memories are still going to watch your diligence

Happy Authenticity
yay!!! high five from friends
but it once had Skin
going to be time to get yours!
going to be kind of important

I found it surprised me
with sweet Golden midnight
My push button
eat it while I walk Married Life
I am sure this heaven with saxes and brass
starts to have a party in my other body

Patrick McCurry
March 2015


I wrote this using words and phrases from about 37 consecutive entries (except two pictures without captions) appearing on my Facebook news feed. All of the words are in the order I found them, and I limited each entry to yielding only one set of consecutive words. The title came from the entry immediately after the last entry quoted. I thought maybe it was an erasure poem but Gary over on Facebook suggested that it is more of a found poem. Jason said it could be flarf poetry.

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