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More about Emory Musicians at Lunch Music Thursday (2/6/14) and Tzu-yi Chen's Carnegie Hall Effort

My last post (link here with video!) mentioned the great fortune we have of being able to welcome William Ransom and Yinzi Kong to A Little Lunch Music Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014. Below is a link to a post with considerably more information, including the full program, that I did for the museum's blog:

A Little Lunch Music Welcomes Violinist and Pianist from Emory University, Additional Music from Tzu-yi Chen.

Note that as the title suggests, Tzu-yi Chen will be providing some additional music at 1:00 since last week's lunch music was cancelled due to weather. Click the link to find out what she'll play!

And here is a link to the museum's A Little Lunch Music schedule page where you can read the artists' full bios. If you are reading this past the date of performance, the bios will have been removed. Once it's over, I intend to post an archive of the season somewhere on this site that shouldn't be too hard to find.

Tzu-yi Raising Money for Carnegie Hall Performance

Tzu-yi Chen
Many of us are very familiar with Tzu-yi and her amazing talent. You can search this blog for several references to her ever since she started playing concerts for A Little Lunch Music as a Columbus State University student.

She has now graduated with her Artist Diploma, and is a busy working musician in Columbus. She is also navigating the harrowing process of gaining residency in the US while she builds a performance career.

Part of that career involves recently being accepted to participate in a performance series at Carnegie Hall. The effort is with Distinguished Concerts International New York, and involves fairly significant cost. It was scheduled for last year, but has been postponed until this fall.

A deadline for part of the participation fee is coming up next week. If you would like to donate to this effort, make checks to...

International Friendship Ministries (
3404 University Ave. // Columbus, GA  31907
Ph: 706-653-0097 // e-mail:

Note in the memo of your check that the gift is to support Tzu-yi Chen. She is on staff at, and is co-founder of, the Ministries' art school. Below is her updated bio.


In 2006, Taiwanese pianist Tzu-yi Chen joined the ranks of some of history’s greatest musicians, receiving the Premier Prix upon graduation from the Paris Conservatory. Ms. Chen performs actively as soloist, collaborative artist, and church musician, and has been invited by Distinguished Concerts International New York to debut at Carnegie Hall in October 2014. In 2012, she appeared in a series of concerts in Taiwan and was featured performing Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.

She believes that it is her passion and diligent work ethic that has afforded her many notable awards in the United States, Russia, Germany and Taiwan. Among those recently are first prize in the Georgia Music Teachers National Association upper college level (2013), first prize in the Atlanta Music Club Scholarship Competition (2012), first prize in Columbus State University’s concerto competition at its Schwob School of Music in Columbus, Georgia (2012), and fourth prize in the Darmstadt International Chopin competition in Germany (2009).

In 2011, Ms. Chen obtained her Master of Music in piano performance and “Solistexamen,” the highest diploma of piano performance in the National Karlsruhe Music University in Germany, where she held a lectureship of piano as well. In 2013 with a full scholarship, she completed the Artist Diploma program at CSU. There, she served as graduate teaching assistant to Van Cliburn gold medalist Alexander Kobrin. After graduation, CSU immediately hired her as a staff pianist and also as Piano and Violin Instructor in its Preparatory Division.

Ms. Chen is a co-founder of the International Friendship Ministries Arts Academy in Columbus.

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