Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Violin-Cello Duo Tomorrow (1/23/2014), More Lunch Music Updates

Robin Scott and Ahrim Kim
Great news for A Little Lunch Music this week. Firstly, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra cello fellow Ahrim Kim will be returning to the series tomorrow with 2012-2013 violin fellow (and husband) Robin Scott. They played on Valentines Day last year, and I wrote a little bit about that over on the new blog of the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, the series's home. Here's that post: Violin-Cello Couple Returns to "A Little Lunch Music"

The great Taiwanese pianist Tzu-yi Chen will return on 1/30 to perform, among other pieces, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. We'll feature the paintings of Manuel Díaz during the concert.

Also, we've just finalized plans for a sister event to the Auburn Chamber Music Society's concert the night of  2/6 (see below). Pianist William Ransom and violist Yinzi Kong will perform for the series that day. Except for a couple of string quartet performances, this will be the first time for A Little Lunch Music to feature the viola!

There's more here on this site about A Little Lunch Music. See tab links above or click here. A full schedule on the museum's site is here.

More from William Ransom and Yinzi Kong

Kong is part of the Vega QuartetFBS which will join forces with Ransom on 2/6 at Goodwin Hall for a couple of piano quintets. Here's a link to the AU music calendar event page for the ACMS concert (warning: huge block o' text).

And here's a link to a PDF of the ACMS brochure for 2013-4. For more information about the evening concert or to reserve tickets, call Virginia Transue at 887-9379. As always, the noon concerts at the museum are free to the public.

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