Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Lunch Music and Other Pictures Posted

Due to what I would like to think are nesting instincts, but what are probably more like avoidance tendencies as I prepare for my jazz-quartet show in December at the museum (free concert, 12/15 at 2:00 PM in the Martin-Perricone Auditorium), I have been catching up on months and months of pictures, mostly from A Little Lunch Music concerts, and posting them to my Flickr account.

If you poke around on there, do note that some of the pictures were taken by other people. The musician Knox AUtonomous took the ones at Eighth & Rail for the Khari Allen Lee concert, a non-Lunch-Music event in October. Lesley Foote took all of the pictures of the Woodfield Trio and of the James Houlik concert back in 2011. Below is a selection from recent posts. I give some of mine titles because I do.

Contrasted Media
Contrasted Media (pictured is Katie Holmes)

With Intent (pictured is Marc Karam)

Untitled by Lesley Foote ( - pictured are me and Angel Negrin)

Untitled by Knox AUtonomous ( - pictured is David Zuwiyya)
The Performers
The Performers (pictured is pianist Ben Harris and baritone Matthew Hoch)

Heels (pictured is Nicole Agostino)

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