Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poster Images for Chen-Abramov's Beethoven Project (fall 2013)

Columbus pianist Tzu-yi Chen sent me some poster images for her Beethoven Project in which she and violinist Boris Abramov are playing all ten of Ludwig van Beethoven's violin sonatas in the span of three months. I say that to people, and no one gets wide-eyed and says, "Whaaa!?" which is weird. I posted about it here. Below are the images for printing and distributing in Atlanta, Columbus and Auburn/Opelika. The first one has only October dates. I'll try to post an update here for November when I get them. You need to hear at least one of these concerts. The first one in September was terrific. Click on images to enlarge.

UPDATE (11/6/2013): Here is a link to a PDF of the November poster.

October Poster
Bios and pics

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