Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sundilla Presents Act of Congress this Friday (8/23/13)

The Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series is bringing the band Act of Congress to Auburn again this Friday (8/23) at the series' regular venue, the Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 450 E. Thach Ave. The video at right shows off the band's folk voice, but it is also fluent in serious contemporary pop, which it deftly pulls off acoustically using its folk instruments. Showtime is 7:30, and admission is $15 at the door, $12 if you buy them early at Spicer's Music, Mama Mocha's Coffee, or online at Below is part of an article (and a link to the full article) from Bailey Jones, Sundilla's producer.

I could say all sorts of great things about Act of Congress-- and I will-- but the best thing that can be said is what many of YOU said the last time they were at Sundilla: "This is the best concert I have ever been to." Yes, we heard that quite a bit two years ago, probably more than we have ever heard it before, or since. (Only Lipbone Redding might have elicited more "best concert ever!" comments. Now think about those who are NOT on that short list, and you get a good idea of just how good these guys-- and girl-- are.)

No one this young should have a resume this impressive. How impressive? Well, consider this: following their Sundilla appearance, they have one more public appearance before heading off to do an eight-shows-in-eight-days tour of... the United Arab Emirates. Not impressed? They have also played in Bali, Thailand, East Timor, Palau, Australia, and the Philippines. Not bad for some kids from Birmingham who have been together for six years or so. (read more)

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