Monday, July 1, 2013

Support the Return of The Jazz Session

The jazz interview podcast, The Jazz Session, will be starting up again with the help of donors to its new Kickstarter campaign. In 2012, interviewer, poet and lapsed soprano saxophonist Jason Crane cut his Jazz or Bust interview tour short, moved to Auburn, Alabama, and stopped producing episodes. I am overjoyed that he hopes to bring this show back. The campaign's goal is to raise a meager $6,000 by July 31.

I'm about to add the Kickstarter campaign's widget to this website, but here's the link to it:

I hope to post more details on this news, which I feel is historic, in coming days. The show, its guests, and Crane himself deserve (and have in the past received) high praise and lots of media and social-networking attention, so spread the word. If you don't know the show, go to its website,, ogle the amazing list of guests, and subscribe to the podcast.

At the moment, I can't find the show in the iTunes Store, but that problem should be resolved soon. You can still use iTunes to hear the podcast using the show's rss feed. If all that is Klingon to you, you can also listen to the shows right from the website. Hear a few shows, including his most recent one with Geoffrey Keezer, released as part of this campaign, and learn that it's totally worth any amount of money you can spend to get it back online.

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