Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Performance Series Brings Anderson & Roe to Opelika (4/3/2013)

Anderson & Roe is a four-hand piano duo performing tonight (4/3) at 7:30 PM at the Opelika Center for the Performing Arts as part of the Arts Association of East Alabama's Performance Series. They are Juilliard-trained virtuosi, unafraid to play Star Wars and Michael Jackson along with Liszt and Mozart--not all at the same time, but still. It should really be a fun concert.

They love doing videos, and I embedded one of their more highly produced ones at right. It has over 400,000 hits on YouTube. I posted on AAEA's blog, The Frog, on Monday. Below is from the post...

Theatrical Piano Duo, Anderson & Roe, to Perform April 3, 2013
Internationally acclaimed piano four-hand duo Anderson & Roe, headlining this Wednesday night’s Performance Series event, have a clearly stated purpose for what they do. “To make classical music a relevant and powerful force in society. To connect with others; to engage, provoke, illuminate; to serve as a conduit for the composer’s voice; to express our inner lives; to share the joy and fulfillment that only music can elicit…to free the world from the constraints of sleep-inducing concerts.” Read the full post

Below is an embedded Kyle Gassiott interview of the duo. It's an episode of Troy University Public Radio's Community Focus.

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