Friday, March 8, 2013

Luke Skywalker Wasn't the Only One Who Had a Sister

I'm going to post something quick to start getting the word out, seeing as how only two weeks from right now, I'll be at an after-party for a striking one-woman play about Nannerl Mozart, the also-prodigious sister of Wolfgang Amadeus. Like Leia, Nannerl was gifted. Unlike the fictional, Force-filled duo from the movies, Nannerl and Wolfie were real, and thick as thieves, touring and performing together until Nannerl, becoming a woman in a culture deeply oppressive to women, faded back into domestic life. Her compositions are lost, but her life is addressed in a few books and films, and now this play.

The piece is called The Other Mozart and will play on 3/22 at 7:30 pm in the auditorium at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn. The actress is New-York-based Sylvia Milo, who is wife to our Key Performer for A Little Lunch Music this season, Nathan Davis. Nathan and Phyllis Chen, both members of the International Comtemporary Encemble, or ICE, wrote music for the play, in which there will be absolutely no Star Wars references.

Read more about the play and buy tickets online at This coming week, you will be able to buy tickets in person at locations to be announced. The auditorium seats only 127, so if you want to go, don't wait to buy a ticket.

Presenting the play is The Gnu's Room working with the Little Matchstick Factory. The museum itself is simply the venue for this production, though its members do get a discount on the tickets. We're still looking for sponsors to help with some of the expenses, so if you have any questions, I'm the one to ask. My e-mail is

The embedded video is the play's trailer. Look at that dress! I hope you can make it out to what I think will be an unforgettable experience.

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