Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carolyn Herring, "...Sundilla was created for artists such as her." -Bailey Jones

Carolyn Herring will play the Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship this Friday, 3/22, at 7:30 pm as part of the Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series. Below is from Bailey Jones on the Sundilla website. You can read about her, or you can play the video to the right of her singing the powerful "Camilla," and then have a tough time deciding between her and The Other Mozart that night. It's ok. I'll understand.

50 Concerts, 50 States, One Weekend is a network of coordinated live events around the country on one weekend in March, to raise epilepsy awareness through the power of music. The organizers could have picked any of the great venues in the state to be the Alabama representative, and we’re proud and honored that they picked Sundilla. And we’re even happier that we get to present Caroline Herring, ensuring that we will offer a fantastic concert for the cause.

Caroline Herring comes to us from Atlanta, but in this case via the Netherlands and UK; after wrapping up a tour that includes stops in places like London, Twickenham, and Lage Vuursche, Caroline will make her way to Auburn, for her first Sundilla appearance. Read more...

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