Tuesday, January 22, 2013

String-, Saxo-, and Indian-Music Concerts Added to Spring 2013 Lunch Music

The video above is from composer and percussionist Nathan Davis who will perform for A Little Lunch Music on March 21, 2013. This is from the video's description on his Vimeo channel: "Crawlspace (2002) searches for expanse within a claustrophobic environment. It is literally computer music: the sounds are generated acoustically and magnetically by the drives and components of a noisy laptop, amplified with a telephone tap microphone, processed live by the same laptop (therefore causing it to generate still more acoustic sounds), and accompanied by some digital noise spat out by an incompatible audio interface."
I've updated A Little Lunch Music's schedule page, but owe it still most of the artist bios. And though this is not actually a schedule change, I did want to mention again that New York percussionist and composer Nathan Davis will be our Key Performance for the series on 3/21. Sylvia Milo is Nathan's wife, and we're also working out the details of presenting her one-woman play, The Other Mozart, at the museum Friday night, 3/22. It will be a ticketed event.

And a quick reminder about Chen Tzu-yi's (last name first) performance this Thursday, 1/24. She made the top 133 for this year's Van Cliburn and will be going to Texas next month to compete for the top 30. 'Nuff said?

I've added violinist Sylvia Wehrs (pronounced, "weers") from Auburn to the Pangaea Chamber Players date on 1/31. It's not that we needed more music that day, but Sylvia's got an audition coming up playing the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, and wanted to give it a public run-through.

Sylvia is a CSU-student. She is daughter of Auburn resident, violin teacher, and LaGrange Symphony concertmaster Lorna Wood. Lorna performed an amazing concert for the series in December. Sylvia also crushed a Paganini caprice earlier in the season, so I expect her concerto to be very good with pianist Susan Hoskins playing the orchestral reduction. So we'll start a little early on 1/31 and end a little late.

Valentines Day will bring the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra's fellowship holders over. They are violinist Robin Scott and cellist Ahrim Kim. They played a beautiful concert in spring 2012 and are constantly engaged with MSO's concert series (pl.).

3/7 has been changed to feature the return of my chamber group, The Woodfield Trio OOD, though in a different incarnation. Our cellist and Lunch-Music founder, Charles Wright, moved away to Sarasota, sadly for us, at the end of summer--a huge hit to this area's art, though Charlie will joke that it's a huge hit to Sarasota's. Our pianist, Barbara Acker-Mills, took off to Winston-Salem for a semester to teach psychology at Salem College where she studied piano as an undergraduate. While there this time, she took full advantage of the opportunity to study again with her former teacher Barbara Lister-Sink. She's back home, now. And though she couldn't be much leaner, I definitely expect her to be meaner on the keyboard and can't wait to start rehearsing for March. She also plays on my soccer team, and we could use another sub.

Joining us on 3/7 will be Gardendale resident, top-shelf bartender, and secret-agent saxophonist Angel Negrin. You do not want to miss this performance, if for no other reason to hear Angel. He is one of the most sensitive and disciplined musicians I know or have even heard, and a hidden Deep South gem. More on that later.

So that schedule change on 3/7 bumped the Auburn University Saxophone Quartets to 3/28. We'll start that one a little early so that one of the students can get to his aerospace class on time.

Then we added AU student pianist Julia Tucker to April 4. This will be a return performance for her but the first time she will have the whole show. Julia is from Auburn, is well-known and -loved and a very good pianist (and vocalist, actually).

The last addition is of the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble on April 18. It gets better each time they perform for us. Here's some video of a fun improvisation they did on an Auburn-themed lyric in October. I called it Tiger Raag on Facebook because I'm very funny, but I think Dr. Raj (Chaudhury, the director, who maintains this blog about the class/group) was the only one who got it.

E-mail me with questions or comment below. There are dates available to perform. See you there!

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