Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flute-Guitar Duo Bringing Classical Concert with a Dash of Beatboxing

The biggest reason for the tripling in audience size for A Little Lunch Music over the last two years is the coverage that we've been getting from the Opelika-Auburn News, the Auburn Villager and Troy University Public Radio. Lots of groups send in their stories, and not all get used. But our releases have consistently and repeatedly been picked up by these three outlets, and even the Plainsman has done a few stories.

I'm always grateful to see announcements in print or to hear them on air, as I know that current events and a number of other things (including my ability to make the deadline) factor in to whether we make the cut.

I say this all because thanks have needed to be given (Yay passive voice!) for a while now, and also because we didn't make it into the O-A News in our usual Wednesday Community section spot. So today I'll use my own blog to post my release for Thursday's free 12-1 performance at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. Hope you can make it!



AUBURN, Ala. - On Thursday, November 29, from noon to 1:00 PM, the weekly music series at The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art will feature a program of music for flute and guitar. Performing will be Stephanie Erdman and Jacob Brown, both students at Columbus State University. The concert will be free to the public as are all of the series’ concerts.

Ursula’s Catering will sponsor the performance in part.

Each fall, the flute and guitar studios at Columbus State’s Schwob School of Music work together on a joint recital. In 2010, the school’s instructors paired Erdman with Brown, and they have been a duo ever since. “We really enjoy playing together,” said Erdman who is a senior working on a double major at CSU in flute performance and business management.

Erdman studies flute with Dr. Andrée Martin and will graduate May 2013. After that, she intends to pursue a Master’s degree in Arts Management. “That’s actually kind of a backup,” said Erdman of her plans, adding, “I really want to join the circus.” She was referring to a long-time dream she has of playing flute with a Cirque du Soleil orchestra.

Brown, a guitar student of CSU’s Andrew Zohn, said that he did not begin studying guitar seriously until he was 21. Since then, however, he has had opportunity to study at workshops with master guitarists and compete at state level. He recently completed his junior recital and has no stated plans of joining a circus.

Thursday’s program will include a collection of twelve dances for flute and guitar by Kaspar Fürstenau, a German composer born in 1772. Each player will also perform solo works.

Most of the music will be conventional, but Erdman will perform a short piece by beatbox flutist Greg Patillo. “I’m essentially doing two different things at the same time,” said Erdman, referring to playing Patillo’s piece. Beatboxing is a technique of using the mouth to mimic the sounds of a drum set. Beatbox fluting is playing the flute while at the same time beatboxing. “Coordinating the two is interesting because both of them are happening with my face.”

The weekly concerts in the A Little Lunch Music series are free to the public. They are funded by the museum, individuals and businesses. Patrick McCurry, who coordinates the series, said that anyone interested in helping financially should contact Cindy Cox, the museum's Development Coordinator, at or call 334-844-3005. Sponsorships range from $150 to $1,000. McCurry said the museum accepts gifts for the series of any amount.

The Museum Café is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m and admission to the fine art exhibitions is free. The music can sometimes be heard inside the café, or visitors can dine before or after the concerts. Its menu changes weekly and consists of light, freshly prepared salads, Italian panini and seasonal soups and entrees. Menu prices range from $5 to $9.

For more about A Little Lunch Music, contact Patrick McCurry at or go online to for details. For more about the Café or the museum's other programs, contact Charlotte Hendrix at, visit the museum online at or call 334-844-1484.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorry for the Silence

Can't post. Too busy. Follow me on Twitter or, if you don't have a Twitter account, bookmark my feed at I'm posting some events there and on Facebook. You can subscribe to my Facebook feed here where presumably my public Facebook posts will show up in your Facebook news feed, even if we're not Facebook friends.

Also, the Arts Association of East Alabama has asked me to post on its blog, The Frog, about its subscription series events. Take a look.

My Event Sources page on this site has links to most of the calendars I watch. Poke around there if I'm being too quiet.

I love surveying the landscape for good music. Love it. I'll try to do more. Thanks for checking in.