Sunday, April 8, 2012

Links I Use for Event Posts

I'm not sure whether or not the format I use to write about events is the most useful one. I am sure, however, that when I miss a week (or a month or two), it's completely unhelpful to anyone paying attention. So I have added a page to my little free Blogger site here. It's a very simple page with a single link to a stack of links on

I use for all my bookmarking, and recently, new ownership has revamped the site and its features. Now there are more ways to share and network your links if you want. But there is not yet a way (that I can find) to actually embed a stack on a website. So it's just a single link to the stack.

When you click it, you'll see a list of what I use to do an event post. I call it the top 25. This stack is what I use kind of as a bare minimum. There are other sites in, say, Atlanta and Birmingham, and those are on my account, too, for all to see, but I don't generally report on those as much as I used to.

Anyway, the point is for you to peruse the links. When I am not current on my posts, they could give you what you need. And even when I am keeping up, they will give you much more information about events you might love to attend but that I didn't include because I'm fighting with the trombone teacher or something.

Here's the link to the stack: <==UPDATE: Doesn't work. removed their stack features. Go to my Event Sources page for the links.

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