Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Indian Music, Brass Music Concerts Next Couple of Days

Last week, I mentioned several events that went beyond last week. You might read through to see if anything's left by the time you read this. Here's the post.

Tomorrow night (4/24) at 6:00 PM, the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble performs its final concert for the year (AU event page). This is an Auburn University class taught by Dr. Raj Chaudhury. The performers are usually non-music majors but also some continuing-education students, one or two ringers from the community and Dr. Chaudhury himself. We hear a lot of classical music around Auburn-Opelika. We hear a lot less jazz. We hear even less, if that's possible, music of non-western cultures (though there has GOT to be a Korean scene somewhere around here). Take this opportunity to broaden your palette. Immediately below this paragraph, you should see an embedded audio track recorded during the group's recent performance at the museum. If you don't, then something's wrong over at Soundcloud, and I suspect it will be fixed soon.

Wednesday night (4/25), at Goodwin Hall, the Auburn Faculty Brass Trio will perform, and not only the trio. They will do a James Stephenson (b. 1969) piece with AU piano lecturer Josh Pifer and a few quartet pieces with student trumpeter Michael Covington. The trio is Matt Wood (bio), Mark DeGoti (bio) and Bill Schaffer (bio). Besides the Stephenson, other new-music composers represented will be Pierre Gabaye and John Cheetham. The full program is listed on the AU event page.

More to come.

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