Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Link Alerts for Fussy Surfers

I have started putting alerts after some of my links. If you are someone who is still amazed by all the cool things that people do with websites, or who is amazed that websites exist at all, then these alerts are not for you. Click away. Some people, and I may be increasingly becoming one of them, feel that some of these things make their browsing experiences worse. I just want to give them fair warning.

Below is what the abbreviations mean. I started adding them around the time of this post. I will not be going backwards and adding them to my old posts.


FBD - Facebook Dependent - Some sites have an embedded window into the universe of Facebook or some other third-party opt-in social networking site. Ok. But some will use that embedded window as the only thing that lists their owners' events or activities. A lot of web-users are unhappy that Facebook exists at all. It's a lot to ask them to find more about your product by going there. An example of this is currently my own chamber group's website. Sorry. It was easy. I'll get around to fixing it.

FBS - Flash-based site - These sites can be artful, but the sometimes-cool animation that accompanies page transitions takes milliseconds (sometimes seconds) that we don't really want to wait for. Plus too-often they just plain don't work, especially if your browser is not updated to the hilt.

MAL - Music Auto-load - This is when music automatically starts playing in the "background" as soon as a webpage loads onto your browser. There are people out there who hate this so much. I don't love it. I also use this for when a video automatically starts at page load.

OOD - Out of Date - This is a site whose information, usually the calendar, is significantly out of date.

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