Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deadline Near: Vote for Shutup n' Clap! to Win National Contest

Local band Shutup n' Clap! has entered a contest for the best Counting Crows cover. Click here to vote for them before tomorrow (Friday, March 9, 2012) at 4 PM so they can win.

Indaba Music is a website that offers online promotional tools for musicians. The site is hosting a contest where bands can cover a song by the nationally popular rock band Counting Crows. The local band Shutup n' Clap! which I first wrote about in this post (where I embedded one of the band's videos) has entered a worthy cover of the group's Acadamy-Award-Nominated song "Accidentally in Love." Vote NOW

Looking at the contest site right now, Shutup n' Clap!'s cover, sung by member Ansley Newman, is number 6 out of 239 submissions. That's pretty good, no? They were at number 3 the other day and may have been higher. They've got some pretty stiff competition from bands in some larger markets and I'm guessing with bigger fan bases, so they need your help to win. It's a solid piece of work. Vote NOW

I stand by this band and think it has a lot of potential whether it wins the contest or not. They have a distinct sound and the songwriting is often inspired. Below I've embedded a widget of Shutup n' Clap!'s cover. You don't have to join the Indaba Music site to vote, but it appears they limit it to one vote per email address. Vote NOW

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