Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lunch Music Moved to Friday (temp.), Indian Classical-Music Rock Stars, AU Singing, More

So we had to move A Little Lunch Music this week to Friday (2/24) because of something going on at the museum today. I know several people had told me they were looking forward to the cello quartet, and I really wish we could have made that happen. Maybe we can do something in the fall.

There will be a program tomorrow (2/24), 12-1 PM. Guitarist Dan Mackowski and I will play some jazz standards to diverge slightly from regular series programming. The café will be open as usual. I would describe Dan's approach to playing as open and ambient. You might occasionally see him pull out the capo, not something jazz players will normally do. He doesn't use it to make it easier to play in the flat keys we horn players are dependent on, rather he likes that it allows him to make use of the long sustain of an open string.

Tonight (Thursday, 2/23), Jane Drake (alert: site problems) will perform at Piccolo (alert: music auto-load) in Auburn with pianist Jonathan Lynn and bassist Sidney Simmons. Then Friday (UPDATE: saxophonist La'roy Bodiford from Troy) and Saturday (UPDATE: Atlanta's saxophonist Taylor Kennedy), Piccolo will feature some other of the region's best jazz musicians. I'll update here when I know more.

Friday night (2/24) at Goodwin Hall, the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble will perform with acclaimed Indian classical musicians Abhik Mukherjee (website - alert: music auto-load) and Kumar Das (website). Here's a flyer (if that link works) of the event. Above, I've embedded a video (from the channel of YouTube user, inflameclassic) of the two of them playing. Here's the AU event page. There will be a master class with one or both of these guys in Goodwin Hall Friday at 1:30 (UPDATE: The master class may not be open to the public). The Ensemble's leader, Dr. Raj Chaudhury (I know, the page linked is about physics, but that's him) appears to be making a real effort to deepen the influence in our community of the music he loves. The Ensemble will play later this spring at the museum, but without these two rock stars.

The AU theater department will do the musical Cabaret tonight through Sunday (2/23 - 2/26) at Telfair Peet. Times are on the AU music event calendar, but I think Saturday's published 7:30 AM time is off by about half a day. Here's a little more about it on the department's site. They'll actually do this for two weekends.

Sunday afternoon (2/26), the AU Gospel Choir led by Dr. William Powell will be performing at The City Church (website). AU's event page with lots of good program info is conflicted about start time. It's either 2 PM or 4 PM. If I find out for sure, I'll update. UPDATE: It's 4 PM. Every time I hear a vocal ensemble from the university perform, it's great. I suspect this will be no different.

And I try to go Thursday to Wednesday on these event posts, so I'll mention briefly the Auburn Chamber Music Society's presentation of the American Chamber Players on Leap Day (2/29) at 7:30 PM. Pretty sure that this is the right website. With Virginia Transue at the helm, ACMS consistently brings our community some of the best performers in the world, and I'm hoping to do a separate post on the event.

Ok, I've stolen too much time from family responsibilities.

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