Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good String Music, Good Jazz in Coming Days

Strings, Jazz in Auburn

Tomorrow (2/2), MSO's cello fellow Laura Usiskin will play at the JCSM for it's A Little Lunch Music series, which I coordinate. The tab above, Lunch Music Schedule, will tell you more. She'll perform with Auburn's classical rock star (he has a following) Dr. Jeremy Samolesky. They'll do Brahms and Shostakovich. This will be a preview of a recital they're doing in Montgomery this Sunday (2/5) at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. That one will be part of MSO's Fellowship Series.

Then tomorrow night at Goodwin Hall, Dominic Salerni of the Vega String Quartet (alert: flash-based website) will perform at 7:30 PM with Emory University's piano head, William Ransom. Here's the event page. Embedded above, thanks to the Sion Festival's YouTube channel, is video of Salerni playing Beethoven. In the video, he starts a little after 3'30".

After the recital at Goodwin, go to Piccolo (alert: music auto-load) to hear the Jane Drake Trio perform, 8-11 PM. On Friday (2/3) and Saturday (2/4) night, Piccolo will have more good jazz, and then Ariccia at the hotel there does a Sunday jazz brunch, 11-2. I may update this post if I find more about personnel. I may not.

UPDATE: At Piccolo, saxophonist Stan Murray from Columbus tonight and saxophonist Taylor Kennedy from Atlanta tomorrow. Both shows are 8-11.

If you've been paying very, very close attention, you'd know that guitarist Patrick Bruce and I have been playing jazz at Hamilton's on Magnolia the first Monday of every month. February will be an exception. We won't be in there on 2/6. They've got us playing on Monday, Feb. 13, in case you want to beat the Valentine's Day rush. There is some kind of live music, by the way, every Monday night at Hamilton's. They serve half-price martini's on Monday. Dinner service stops at 9:00.

Jazz in Columbus

Atlanta Pianist Tyrone Jackson (alert: music auto-load) will play in Columbus, GA, at The Loft on Friday (2/3) from 7-9 Eastern Time. He'll be with CSU jazz head Alex Pershounin on bass and CSU's percussion professor Paul Vaillancourt on drums. Here's a previous post where I include a review by Jane Drake of Jackson's performance with Columbus Jazz Society last year. This one will be worth the drive. By the way, we're still not seeing The Loft's Friday-night jazz events on its online calendar. If you want to get notices about these and other Columbus jazz events, email the Columbus Jazz Society (website) at

The New York Standards Quartet (alerts: music auto-load, out-of-date website) will perform at CSU next Tuesday (2/7) at 7:30 PM Eastern Time. Here's the event page.

Good grief, that took me an hour to write.

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