Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will Shutup n' Clap! Put Opelika on the Map?

Saturday (8/6) at 7:00 PM, Jake Roland and Ansley Newman, from the indie pop band Shutup n' Clap! will perform at The Gnu's Room in Auburn.

There are these teenagers from Opelika. They have a band. It's an indie pop band. And its songs have real hooks. And its musicians can play just exactly well enough to make it interesting. And the website is perfectly simple. And the videos are well-produced in a fun-candy mis-edited jumbly way.

Will someone else please listen and look and tell me I'm not crazy? They seem to have a real point of view. They might be good. I'll go out on a limb and say, yes, they are good. I've embedded a video from their YouTube channel.


  1. I do not agree. This band, while the members may be talented, does not work for me. The drummer, from what I understand, writes most of the songs. His writing skills are very good, and the instruments sound fair, but the vocals are what really throws me off.

  2. I love this band! Ansley's voice is amazing and the instrumentals are incredible! Have you HEARD their acoustic songs? You need to!! These are KIDS and they are terrific!

  3. Yes, I heard Ansley and Jake perform 8/6/11 at The Gnu's Room. Ansley's vocals are much matured from the recordings online from last year. They sounded great together. I haven't heard the full band live, yet.