Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Only One Place in Auburn: Lunch Music Series Begins September 1

On Thursday, September 1, pianist Dr. Joshua Pifer will perform at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art from 12-1 PM. This is the first performance in the fall 2011 series, A Little Lunch Music.

Dr. Pifer (pictured at right) is the new piano lecturer at Auburn University. An international performer and educator, he specializes in new works, Japanese composers and the music of Alexander Tcherepnin. He holds degrees from Wittenburg University, Miami University and the University of Southern California.

This informal concert is free to the public and has been graciously sponsored by the law firm of Haygood, Cleveland, Pierce, Mattson and Thompson in Auburn. For more about sponsorships, read below and on the lunch music schedule page here.

There is only one place in Auburn where you can go almost every week at lunchtime to hear the best local, regional and international concert soloists and chamber groups perform. If you went, you would hear them showcase composers like Ravel, Ewazen, Beethoven, Bolling, Corelli, Lizst, DuFay and more.

There is only one place in Auburn where you can have an unreasonably good lunch from a gourmet menu prepared by chef Ursula Higgins. If you went, you would enjoy dishes like pear and brie panini, yellow tomato gaspacho, blueberry salsa salad, pulled pork barbecue wrap, wine pairings and more.

There is only one place in Auburn where you can go and see, in a bright and reverently significant space, pristinely displayed fine art exhibitions. If you went, you would take in prints by Munch, Soviet Political Posters and Cartoons, drawings by Audubon, sculpture by Chihuly, Chinese ceramics, multimedia by Scherer and Ouperov, works by southern artists like Dale Kennington, a band poster collection and more.

You've probably figured out what I'm about to tell you.

Thursday (9/1) will mark the opening of 2011's fall season for A Little Lunch Music. That's what we (I'm involved) call the weekly music series I mentioned before. If you come, you can dine at the Museum Café, which has the lunch menu I mentioned before. Both of these things will happen at the very same reverently significant space that I mentioned before. That would be Auburn University's Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art.

Come and join us for what will be the beginning of not just another lunch music season. This will be the opening of the series's next chapter. Starting this fall, we are offering individuals and businesses the chance to sponsor a music performance.

As a sponsor, you would more strongly support and encourage your community's local art musicians. You would allow us to increase the audience by publicizing the series to more people. And you would make it possible for us to host regional and even worldwide performers.

The concert and the fine art exhibitions are free. The gourmet lunch is very reasonably priced.

See you there.

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