Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jane Drake Trio Playing RIGHT NOW and a Bit about Auburn's Piccolo

Tonight (Thursday, 8/4), right now, the Jane Drake Trio is playing Piccolo, the nightclub part of the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, until 11 PM. I've embedded some really good audio from her on this post. I don't yet have the word about who is playing on Friday and Saturday this week, but there will be jazz. UPDATE: See end of post.

The normal format at Piccolo is a regional headliner, usually a saxophonist, with two other sidemen. Sometimes there's a quartet. It's always worth hearing, and the way the room is laid out, the setting is as intimate as you want to make it. Go just to listen and be 5 feet from the music, or go to have drinks with friends and have jazz as your backdrop. There's a little menu to order from. It's good food. The pizza is delicious. The picture here I stole from the hotel's Flickr page. If you don't see it, it means I should have asked for permission first, which I should have.

Ariccia is the hotel's restaurant. They do a weekly jazz brunch on Sundays from 11-2. I think guitarist Patrick Bruce will be playing this week. I'll try to confirm and get back to you. (UPDATE: Yes. With bassist Jason Deblanc and pianist Coleman Woodson, III.) All this jazz is coordinated by Four Star Music, Tim Chambliss's endeavor. He's a great drummer whom you will see playing if you are any kind of regular to these events.

More to come.

UPDATE: Friday (8/5) will be saxophonist La'Roy Bodiford from Troy. Saturday (8/6) will be Atlanta saxophonist Taylor Kennedy. Also, if you want to be on the email list for jazz and other events at the hotel, go to its newsletter page and sign up.

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