Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eighty-one Years

It's too late to be writing anything, as the boys will be up in about 5 hours, but I thought I'd try to get a thought or two out about the 2011 Auburn Knights reunion before I go to bed and then put off writing about it for too long to do anything.

This is the first year that I've been significantly vested in the alumni group. I heard most of the bands, played on three including the 30s Era Band, talked to a lot of people, stayed until the end both nights, and I'm on the board now.

I kind of feel like I did when I was in Rome a few years ago, looking at the columns of the Pantheon. My brain was having trouble. It was trying to wrap itself around the idea that a man-made thing could be that big. It was something about the weight of the columns, or how ridiculously long they've been around, or that someone not too different from me was right there building the damn things with his hands.

Except for a few years when they closed the store on account of the Nazis, this band has been going continuously for eighty-one years.

It is exactly as old as swing.

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