Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Upcoming Classical, Jazz, Big Band Performances (

I've just added to this blog site a page listing my upcoming public performances. I started using for the schedule. I guess it's got some pretty good tools for website display. I was noticing for a while there several people using it, but not so much anymore. Suggestions are welcome.

So here's the page where I've just posted museum dates with The Woodfield Trio and also a jazz duo gig at Hamilton's on Magnolia (Auburn) with guitarist Patrick Bruce Elwood Madeo from Columbus. This will be my first time playing with Elwood. Patrick Bruce and I have played at Hamilton's a few times now since November and it's really a great venue for jazz. It's fun playing with Patrick because he's got great time. And I have a hard time calling him Patrick. Diagnoses are welcome.

Also, I'm subbing with the (don't click their link unless you're prepared for music to start immediately) Auburn Knights for a show that will close out the Tallassee Jazz Fest.

Now that I've done it, I'm not sure why I couldn't just manage the performances page manually. We'll see.

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