Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/30-5/1 AU Singers Show Coming Up (Re-Corrected Post Re: Jazzers)

[UPDATE 4/28/2011] I look forward to maybe one day having more readers who can help me correct my errors. Also, I look forward to applying basic journalistic principles to my little announcements. Here's the gist: The jazzers mentioned below actually played last weekend with the dancers and won't be playing this weekend with the singers. I fully expect the AU Singers' show to be great.

I have a tough time not being thorough about some things. So in my new self-anointed role as communicator of potentially good art music events nearby, I would be remiss to mention the AU Singers Spring Show. Apparently, there will not be jazz. It's this next Saturday night (4/24) (4/30) at 7:30 PM at the Auburn Performing Arts Center (event page here).

[UPDATE 4/22/11] Also, I overlooked that the show will actually be repeated twice on Easter Day May Day (5/1) at 2:30 PM and 7:30 PM.

Every time I've heard the Auburn singers, they've been great. Last spring, I played on the show with the orchestra and was very impressed and even occasionally moved. And, sure, I saw the event on the calendar this time around, but it's right on the outside edge of the little niche I claim. Generally, show tunes don't need a lot of help getting an audience, so I left it out.

[UPDATE 4/28/2011] The rest of this is not terribly relevant, since I paired them up with the wrong performance. I'm pretty sure they performed for the Gotta Dance event on 4/22-4/23.

However, today I learned that the accompanying band will be a quartet of great musicians, and apparently they'll be playing some jazz during the show. Russell Haight, the new sax instructor at Auburn will play. I'll say again what a great jazz player he is and how I would love to hear more of him. Also Doug Rosener, whom I just met today at the museum with his troupe of extremely talented percussion students, will be playing drums.

Matt Wood, trombone professor at Auburn, will be on bass, and this cat (sorry) is a fantastic bass player. He and I have subbed the same Auburn Knights gigs, and each time he has brought with him a serious degree of tightness (definition: driving precision) to the group. The pianist, Brent Runnels from Atlanta, is apparently a world class player with jazz and classical chops. Here's a bio about him from Atlanta's early music group, New Trinity Baroque. I wanna go.

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